Get access to hobbies and places to hang out with the free City of Helsinki Youth Services’ membership card

The City of Helsinki Youth Services’ membership card is your free VIP pass to youth centre activities, events and hobbies all over Helsinki. The membership card, or jässäri, is issued to all residents of Helsinki aged 29 or under. It is your ticket to all things fun: skateboarding, the music club, the arts club or just hanging out at the Youth Centre. Just show your membership card to join in on the fun!

In autumn 2020, a fully digital membership card will be made available to everyone over the age of 13. People under the age of 13 cannot register with the service for data security reasons. Instead, they are issued a plastic membership card with an annual sticker at the Youth Centre. We will not disclose your contact details to anyone, and you always have the right to check any information stored about you.

People aged 13–29: How to apply for the digital membership card

Register at https://jassari.hel.fi by completing the application form and sending it to your guardian for approval. The membership card will become valid when your guardian approves your membership application.

Log in to the service and verify your membership number and personal details.


People under the age of 13: How to apply for the membership card

Download and print the membership card application. You can also pick up your application form at the Youth Centre.

Complete the form and ask your guardian to sign it. Return it to the Youth Centre.

You will be issued your membership card and annual sticker when you return the application.

Unlimited possibilities with just one card!

Use your jässäri to participate in activities at Youth Centres in Helsinki. The card is your pass to a fun evening at the disco and night café, hanging out at the Youth Centre, practicing with the band, attending a DJ course, dancing, performing theatre or making crafts, applying for project funding, attending a summer camp or producing your own event.

Don’t hesitate to suggest things to do and hobbies that interest you at your nearest Youth Centre. There are unlimited opportunities, and what’s more: most of the activities at youth centres and other locations are completely free of charge!

Intoxicants are not allowed at Youth Centre activities.  Visit our website and Instagram @Munstadi for more